About Us
We are a 508c1a nonprofit organization

At Emerging Kingdom Influencers, we know influential faith leaders want to prosper and impact others in their assignment. In order to do this, they need to have confidence in God's plan for them. The problem is, they may not know with certainty what that is.

We've found too many believers are wasting time on things that don't align with their God-given assignment. We help them identify how they've been prepared, what their season of life is, and the opportunities that can utilize  so they can confidently take their next best steps forward.

We assess their acquired gifts, developed skills, and experiences, and fill in the gaps with tailored-made training, so they can create a simple strategic plan to take action now.

Meet The Founder

Welcome! I'm Lori Lynn Greene, Founder & Ordained Minister with over 30 years in ministry & business.

As a Coach-Trainer of Alpha Advancement Strategies, Former Radio Host of In It Together Media, and Recording Artist with two original full-length worship CDs, I pull from a lifetime of experiences. 

For over two decades, I've had the opportunity to empower and guide influencers from diverse backgrounds, both in and out of the church walls. 

My passion lies in helping individuals uncover their unique gifts and callings, overcome challenges, and step into their God-given assignments. With Holy Spirit guidance, they gain the confidence to thrive, make a significant impact, and prosper along their journey.

Join me on a transformative journey together. Let's help you uncover your potential so you can move forward with confidence.

Are you ready to make your impact on the world?

Lori Lynn Greene,
Ordained Minister, Prophetic Coach-Trainer, Former Radio Host, Recording Artist.

Meet Our Certified Prophetic Coaches

Paula Cain

I bring with me joy and encouragement with a prophetic flow to encourage others so they can strengthen their faith.

Katherine Chambers

I build bridges between opposing views and facilitate mediations to strengthen unity within organizations resulting in win-win outcomes.

Gail Cuthbert

I help busy women simplify getting & staying fit, losing weight, and feeling AMAZING so they can have more energy to do the things they enjoy. 

Cadi Jordan

I offer business vision strategy sessions to help organizations' teams get clarity while maintaining values so they can make measurable progress. 

Judi Kruis

It is my joy to help others discover their unique skills, strengths, and direction so they can move beyond limitations for even greater possibilities as entrepreneurs, creatives, or small business owners.

Amy Norenberg

I help homeschooling moms build a unique-to-them homeschooling plan to help their family homeschool succeed so they can enjoy the process. 

Eileen Noyes

I help wives and moms who feel sidelined by life’s circumstances learn how to live in FULLNESS of who God created them to be without sacrificing what matters.

Deb Runge

I help people recover their mission after addiction, and I encourage them to walk in greater faith. I also, empower them with the courage to use their voice. 

Laura Wasson

I bring courage, hope, and a vision of a bright future to women in difficult marriages or relationships so they can boldly embrace their true identity and potential.

Angela Yarborough

I help women discover their own love story with Jesus through creative and interactive dates with the Prince of Peace so they can heal from their past.
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